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Council releases new Scenario Foundations

The recent Covid-19 pandemic, ongoing wars, geopolitical realignments, the rise of AI, and the consequences of severe, climate-change-related weather events have all profoundly affected the global economy and global energy system resulting in a more fractured world that has to be assumed in all scenarios. The recently released World Energy Scenario Foundations 2024 explore two different key modes of cooperation that could emerge from the fragmentation, with strong consequences for the future. Read more...


Australia's budget

Australia’s new budget is out, and it’s a game-changer for energy, with $22.7 billion set aside for renewables. So how might the AUS announcement impact on New Zealand's energy landscape? The focus on renewable hydrogen, backed by an $8 billion funding presents a potential cross-Tasman collaboration opportunity which could be the catalyst for New Zealand to enhance its clean energy capabilities and infrastructure. Read more...


IRENA report

A new IRENA report titled “Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation: Energy Security” explores the global energy system’s transformation and its implications for energy security, cautioning against applying conventional energy security approaches from the fossil fuel era. It proposes a multi-dimensional energy security concept that prioritises human and planetary well-being. The report emphasises demand response, flexibility, infrastructure resilience, resilient technology supply chains, and human and ecosystem security as key factors for a secure and sustainable global energy transition. Read more...


Coal's Australian reprieve

Eraring, the country’s largest power plant, burns through as much as 6 million tons of the fossil fuel annually and had been due to close as soon as August next year. Last week, those plans were scrapped — instead, it will operate until at least 2027. Part of the issue is a slowdown in spending on clean energy projects as developers struggle with rising costs, lengthy approval processes and grid least 2027. Read more...



BEC has drafted its response to MfE's annual updates to the NZ ETS limits and price control settings for units 2024. The draft is currently in the feedback process with members. Find more on BEC submissions here...


Global Energy Report echoes issues at home

Global data reveals urgent investment is required across the energy sector, as well as greater collaboration around the world.  The World Energy Issues Monitor 2024 captures the perspectives of almost 1,800 energy leaders from more than 100 countries, providing a snapshot and insights of the global energy landscape. The report demonstrates how global energy issues are echoed here at the national level. Read more...


Consultation on electricity transmission and distribution revenue limits

The Commerce Commission is proposing to allow increased revenue limits for both Transpower and local lines companies in order to help pay for necessary investment in the country's electricity network. To soften the initial price rises for consumers, the Commission is also proposing that some of the revenue is recovered more slowly. Consultation takes place across June and early July before final decisions are made in November. Read more...


The FlexTalk project

The FlexTalk project made the recommendation that the electricity sector adopt a standardised protocol for communication and data exchange to address challenges in achieving widespread engagement in demand flexibility. The joint project by the EEA and EECA has published its final industry report, along with a technical insights document. Currently, only two internationally recognised communication protocols – OpenADR and IEEE 2030.5 – fulfil this criteria. Read more...


BraveTrace certifies landmark sustainable energy collaboration

Total Utilities has taken a pioneering step towards fostering sustainable energy by spearheading the landmark collaboration between Manawa Energy and Southern Spars, an iconic New Zealand company known for its cutting-edge marine spars and rigging. BraveTrace validates that the electricity consumed by Southern Spars is accurately matched and verified against the renewable electricity produced by Manawa Energy. Read more...


EV figures down

Monthly figures show total light passenger vehicle registrations were down 10% in April. EV registrations comprised 7.64% of new light passenger cars, down from 27.19% for all of 2023. There are now 104,574 EVs on the roads. EECA has published a list of approved EV smart chargers recommended for residential and commercial use, estimating smart chargers could save NZ about $4 billion in grid infrastructure costs. Read more...


Meridian and NZAS sign long term contracts

Meridian and New Zealand's Aluminium Smelter have signed contracts to provide a significant amount of the electricity cover it needs, and to lock in its operations for another 20 years. It’s a fantastic outcome for Southland and the NZ economy. The contracts include significant demand response agreements, which will be valuable when the hydro lakes are low, and will support New Zealand’s electricity system to become even more renewable. Read more...


Major project reduces emissions at Motunui

Methanex have recently completed an efficiency project for each of their two distillation columns at Motunui. By incorporating advanced technology into the distillation process, we have increased our distillation capacity for these two columns, avoiding the need for a third column, and thereby avoiding up to 50,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, the equivalent of taking 20,000 cars off the road. Read more in their newsletter.


No concerns about LPG supply in New Zealand

As concerns mount around New Zealand’s natural gas supply, chief executive of Liquigas, Albert de Geest, says LPG is readily available internationally and more could be easily imported as necessary. Read more in GasX...


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ENA - Regulatory Manager - Wellington Central

Genesis - Social Sustainability Lead - Auckland CBD

Mercury - Geothermal Control Team Lead - Rotorua

Mercury - Geothermal Control Team Lead - Taupo

Meridian - Wind Technician | Electrical or Mechanical - Makara, Wellington

Infratec - Stakeholder Relations & Communications Advisor - Wellington Central

Manawa Energy - Hydro Technician - Greymouth Central, West Coast

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Future of Energy Lunchtime Panel

27 June 2024 - Webinar

Join us for an online discussion hosted by Young Energy Professionals Network (YEPN) and the BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) to hear insights following the WEC Congress in Rotterdam in April.   

The panel will dive into themes from the Congress such as hydrogen and clean fuels, new technology integration and market design, consumer and demand-side dynamics, the impact of digitalisation on demand + the future of nuclear, and geopolitics.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights, be part of the discussion and learn more about the WEC!   We look forward to your participation.


PMAPS 2024

24-26 June 2024 - Auckland 

The 18th International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems, PMAPS 2024, will be hosted in Auckland 24-26 June.  The topic is “Uncertainties in power systems: current context, challenges, and future trends” and has a unique mix of speakers from both academia and industry.

Electricity Authority

Quarterly Update

27June 2024 - Webinar

The Electricity Authority will be hosting their next quarterly update on Thursday 27 June, 12.30 to 1.30pm. Join this webinar to hear from our Chief Executive, Sarah Gillies, and learn about our upcoming decisions, consultations, new investment pipeline dashboard and more


Harnessing the Storm

Global trends in offshore wind energy and its impact

in New Zealand

10 July 2024, Simpson Grierson, Auckland

Join us as we navigate the latest global advancements in offshore wind energy, presented by the expertise of Pierre-Antoine Tetard, Chief Commercial Officer of BlueFloat Energy from the UK. 

With extensive experience in the offshore wind industry across Europe and APAC, Pierre-Antoine will bring insights on the current international developments in offshore wind energy, with a lens on the Asia-Pacific region and the implications for New Zealand. 

Members of Simpson Grierson's energy team will also provide an update on the latest New Zealand developments, including the progression of offshore wind regulations and the latest policy announcements from Government.

We look forward to welcoming you as we explore the global horizons of renewable energy together.

New Zealand Geothermal Week

1-6 July 2024 - Taupo Region

Amplify and the New Zealand Geothermal Association are excited to deliver an extensive line-up of events for NZ Geothermal Week 2024, 1st - 6th July.

Now in its fourth year, NZ Geothermal Week is held in and around the Taupō Volcanic Zone, where New Zealand’s world-class geothermal industry is concentrated. The week showcases and celebrates this thriving industry, which is well-positioned to help Aotearoa New Zealand, transition to a sustainable energy future. 

We invite you to take this opportunity to share and learn more about the New Zealand geothermal industry and join our journey towards a renewable energy future where the environment, local communities and businesses thrive. 


NZGA Winter Seminar

3 July 2024 - Taupō Region

The annual NZGA Winter Seminar will be held on 3rd July in Taupō, as part of the 2024 New Zealand Geothermal Week. This event brings together industry experts, decision makers, future leaders and innovators as we explore the theme, "Geoheat: Every Day, Everyone, Everywhere". Geothermal direct heat, or Geoheat, is a sustainable, reliable, cost-effective energy source, and during the day's discussions we will learn about the viability of the resource and its many possible applications. Early-bird pricing ends on 5th June; buy your tickets here: 


World Hydrogen Week

30 Sept-4 Oct 2024 - Bella Centre, Copenhagen

The largest community of senior hydrogen professionals will convene in Copenhagen for a week of knowledge-sharing, innovation and networking with the ultimate goal of achieving a net-zero economy. The week includes the return of World Hydrogen Derivatives, World Hydrogen Intelligence Day and World Hydrogen Global Projects Summit, along with the 5th annual World Hydrogen Congress and to drive forward the transition of clean and sustainable energy. Get your Early Bird tickets via the link below.



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